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We are a community of students that have found ourselves connected to one another through school, a job, sports teams, or maybe because they simply live on the same street.  The majority of us are Christians, but there are a good bunch of us who are simply exploring Christianity and trying to discover the what the spiritual-life is all about.  Come and join in!

Jan / Feb

Want in on all the PYM activities and events for the Winter of 2017?

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** See the Upcoming Events below for the quick list!

Grade 6-12

We're going up to Mt Washington on Friday, February 3rd and hitting the tubing hill for a great night of fun! We'll return home to Parksville by 10pm that night. 

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Our Latest
Parent Newsletter

It's packed full of all sorts of other information that you'll want to know about PYM Junior High and High School ministries ...

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PYM - Upcoming Events

* PYM High School Ministry gathers on Wednesday nights at 7pm

* PYM Junior High Ministry gathers on Friday nights at 7pm

* PYM+ small groups (gr 6-8) gather Sundays at 11am (Room 102)

* PYM Tubing Trip to Mount Washington is Friday, Feb 3rd.