Welcome to "PYM Online", your online connection to everything you need to know about Parksville Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

We are a community of students that have found ourselves connected to one another through school, a job, sports teams, or maybe because they simply live on the same street.  The majority of us are Christians, but there are a good bunch of us who are simply exploring Christianity and trying to discover the what the spiritual-life is all about.  Come and join in!

PYM 2015
SEPT 16th

PYM restarts on Wednesday, Sept 16th ... two programs on one night!

Grades 6-8 > 6:30 to 8:30pm
Grades 8-12 > 7:00 to 9:00pm

(*gr 8 choose between programs)

Camp Qwanoes Visits PYM

The Camp Qwanoes Road Tour makes a stop in Parksville on Friday, October 2nd (6:30PM) here at PYM!

It's a free event for grade 6-12 students and you can come even if you've never been to camp ... so put this Friday on your calendar, find some friends and we'll see you for the biggest night of the fall.

GRADE 9-12

We are hitting the road for a getaway weekend from November 20-22nd.  This is the place to be if you are a teen in grade 9-12 in Oceanside, so grab your friends and get ready!

Space is limited, so download your registration HERE and return it soon.

PYM - Upcoming Events

* PYM welcomes 'Legacy One' - October 14th at 7pm

* PYM Grade 9-12 Fall Retreat - November 20-22nd (registration form HERE)

* PYM Concert with 'Tim & the Glory Boys' - December 9th (more info coming)